We are looking for our first set of volunteers to commit to
a timeframe pending their travel preferences.

Our 2020 builds are as follows:

1. Spring build: April 2-9. Build will be in La Esmeralda de Siquirres.

2. Summer build: ideal dates would be July 1-11. Build will be in Playon Sur de Parrita.

3. Winter build: December 26-February 8 (date range). Build will be in Bigaua de Upala, San Carlos.

We’ve been managing the trip with lodging,  food, and land transportation all-around $1,000 plus $300 donation for eight days, (two days of air travel,  two of land and adventures and four days for the build). The trip does not include airfare or travel insurance.  Of course, anyone can add to their trip to travel and relax.

We are looking for 6-8 volunteers per build.

Please feel free to contact us for any reason! Message us on Facebook or email us at .


** Please go by these dates, the facebook ad was unable to be editted after adjustments made to the Bricks to Bread schedule. Sorry for the confusion!