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Get Involved

We have two volunteer opportunities:

First opportunity: Volunteer during one of our semi-weekly baking days.  There are three phases to our bread baking process; preparing the dough, forming the loaves and baking.  Check out to your right to read more.


     There are three shifts:

  1. Prepping the dough the night before
  2. Forming the loaves in the morning
  3. Baking the bread mid-day.

     Time:  Each shift takes 2-3 hours depending on the amount of bread we bake            and the temperature of the oven.

  1.  Prepping dough:  9:00-11:00pm the night before
  2.  Form the loaves:  9am-12noon
  3.  Bake bread:  1:00-4:00

Second opportunity: Be a part of a Volunteer Trip Experience and travel to Costa Rica with us for 10 days and volunteer on one of our oven projects!

If you are interested in volunteering for either of these opportunities please email us, we’d be more than happy to send you more information.


Thanks again for your interest in Bricks to Bread and supporting our mission to help change lives of women in children within the impoverished regions of Costa Rica!

Upcoming Bake Sales

Currently, we are baking bread on the same schedule as the women in Costa Rica (weather permitting), which is every other week-end.  Just as the women in Costa Rica, we sell our bread to our family, friends and community.

We’d love to add you to our Bread Lovers List but keep in mind that at this time we are only baking bread at our St. Louis Park oven.

If you are interested in buying bread please email us so we can better inform you of our bread baking!

The process begins with an email sent to all of our bread lovers with the specifics about the weeks baking schedule and the special breads scheduled for baking.  You place your bread order via email and we let you know when they are hot out of the oven and ready for pick-up!

All proceeds are directly to support Bricks to Bread mission.


Prices are as follows:
Signature White Boule = $5.00
Whole Wheat Fruit & Nut = $6.00
Daily Specials = $6.00

Mini Cinnamon loaves = $3.00


Dates (weather permitting) :
June 17
July 1
July 15  (Nancy will be gone, but hopefully we can keep up the tradition)
July 29
August 12
August 26
September 9
September 23
October 7
October 28
November 4 – weather pending
November 18 – weather pending

Past Events

2018 Spring Fundraiser – Saturday, May 19th, 2018

2018 Oven Building Trip – July 7-16, 2018

Costa Rican Octoberfest Fundraiser – Friday, October 5th, 2018

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned!